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For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, the MK Cx HAD Redundant By-wire Brake System for High Level Automated Driving from Continental has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.

Continental MK Cx HAD redundant brake system is designed for high level L3+ autonomous driving system. With powerful main brake-by-wire system MK Cx, the vehicle can brake smoothly, comfortable under normal driving and also can autonomously build up braking pressure within very short time under emergency situation. Benefit from by-wire and advanced software design, it is possible for MK Cx to achieve 100% recuperation. In rare worst case when MK Cx have failure, redundant brake system HBE can take over the brake immediately and support virtual driver to safe place or maintenance place.

Safe, Comfort, Quick, Efficient,One-box

Safety is always priority for high lever automated driving. Based on powerful MK Cx and independent backup brake system HBE with special safe design, MK Cx HAD system can fulfill 6 different brake mode under multi-level failure detection, which can ensure fully safe brake from virtual driver. Combined with integrated parking system, MK Cx HAD also can fulfill redundant parking.

MK Cx system integrates no-vacuumed brake system and vehicle stability system (ESC) together which can lower the total mass of brake system. Benefit from powerful regenerative capability, system can be used by HEV/PHEV/EV to extend travel range and decrease CO2 emission. It can be used by ICE also.

Besides, MK Cx HAD have cyber security from both hardware and software level which can protect against Cyber Attacks via diagnostic interface to ensure brake command safety.

MK Cx HAD already have localized in china.

Vehicle with Highly automated driving under virtual driver

Vehicle become more and more electrical and intelligent, to ensure vehicle safety with virtual driver under all scenario, brake system is one of key point. Brake system need to react smooth, comfort, fast and safe under all possible situation to avoid crash. Also, efficient regenerative brake is important for extending the range of electrical vehicle.

Continental MK Cx HAD will be equipped by more and more vehicle, and benefit china market.

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